The Bombshell

I am a burlesque obsessed entrepreneur and innovator based in San Francisco. I started performing burlesque in 2000, and since then my entire life has revolved around this wonderful world of Neo-Burlesque! I’ve been teaching Burlesquercise(TM) dance classes since March 2004, and I also teach private classes, costuming workshops, and travel the country offering Pinup Modeling Workshops! In December 2006, I released the Intro to Burlesquercise DVD!

I consider myself an activist for womens’ empowerment, specifically encouraging women to enjoy their bodies and their sexualities no matter what body type they have or what age they are. My motto, “If you feel sexy, then you are sexy!” informs every project that I embark upon, and this blog is no exception! I hope to both entertain you with photos and stories of my life in this crazy business as well as inform you with interesting and helpful articles. I’ve always got something new up my sleeve (or more likely slipped into my garter), so stay tuned for more wild and wacky antics!

Shake a tail feather!
Bombshell Betty


One response to “The Bombshell

  1. I recently quoted your article and gave reference to your site when searching for info to provide to people on the differences b/w Burlesque and Stripping. Not that I see anything wrong with Stripping, per se, but that people in the public do not know WHAT Burlesque IS. This is especially prevalent here in NC where I live and perform often.

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for the article; and that I found it extremely well written and useful! What a great service you are providing for the community!

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