Personal catharsis through burlesque performance

Andi Stardust by Johnny CrashEvery day, more and more women are experiencing the transformational power of burlesque performance, even beyond helping build confidence and heal body image issues. Some of my students have performed burlesque to work through serious trauma from sexual assault, abusive relationships, eating disorders, and even suicidal tendencies. I have personally worked out a large number of my own demons on stage, to the somewhat oblivious delight of many audiences.

Read this beautifully naked and eloquent account of Andi Stardust’s personal catharsis through burlesque performance following a life-threatening illness.



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3 responses to “Personal catharsis through burlesque performance

  1. This picture of andi is so beautiful, and haunting.

  2. I agree! And I really relate to the whole element of releasing trauma through performance. I have done that with so many personal issues! It was so lovely to read Andi’s very personal account of her experience.

  3. I’ve looked around your pictures and they are really inspired and beautiful. Nice work!

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