This just made my month…

Spoiler alert: I’m about to get sappy here… Consider yourself warned!

I usually hang out and work hidden in the back area of the studio on Monday nights during Red Velvet’s Cardio Can-Can class, and tonight was no different. I’m generally answering emails or working on a project and don’t really pay attention to what’s going on in the class other than enjoying all of the giggling I can hear coming from the dance area.

Tonight was just like any other Monday night, except that as the group was leaving after class, someone called out, “Goodbye, Betty!” Then they all chimed in with their goodbyes, and one person called out, “Good night, I love you!”

Now, as some of you know, things have been pretty crazy for me lately. My husband, Randy, and I are splitting up, the lease is up very soon on the studio so I need to do some significant fundraising and find a new studio FAST, and I’ve been dealing with some health issues for a while now. This weekend was particularly rough, and I was feeling pretty down today.

During class, I just happened to be listening to a cd on marketing techniques, and I was trying to apply the concepts while thinking of my own students, because the  goal of marketing is to find more students like the wonderful students I already have. So it’s going on and on about demographics and prospects and qualified leads and conversions and response rates and all sorts of clinical ideas like that.

But then I hear that sweet voice calling out from the doorway, very casually, “Good night, I love you!” and I thought to myself: Wow, how lucky am I? How many business people get to have such meaningful relationships with the people they work with? I wouldn’t trade this for the world!

And suddenly everything felt so much better. It’ll all be okay. Because I really do have an amazing life, and I am surrounded by the loveliest, kindest and most brilliant ladies (and some men) a girl could ever hope to know.

So good night. And I love you, too.



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3 responses to “This just made my month…

  1. Sending you some good vibes from Northern California. Keep up the good work. Hopefully, this is just a “bump” in the road. If you’re feeling sappy, Make maple syrup. You know how to tap, right?

  2. This was so sweet. I love sappy!!!

  3. Love you very much! You are the best! You are an inspiration, a friend, and a mentor. :). How could we not love you?

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