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And Now for Something Completely Different!

Bombshell Betty and Fromagique present…
A Burlesque tribute to Monty Python and All Things Ridicul-esque!

We will have killer rabbits, dancing Spam, exploding shrubberies, singing lumberjacks, dead parrot juggling, Departments of Arguments and Abuse, the Spanish Inquisition, a Ministry of Silly Walks striptease and much, much more! You will not want to miss all the fun!

Burlesque acts by:

Bombshell Betty!
Red Velvet!
Pearl E. Gates!
Pickles Kintaro!
Lezzie McFaggerson!
Andi Stardust!
Mistress Marla Spanks!
Carlita Cupcake!
Velvet Vixen!
Cinnamon Stick!
Baby Blue Boom Boom!
Pyro Pantera!
Laura Borealis!
Plus Burlesqueteers so new, they don’t have stagenames yet!
MC’s Patina DeCopper and A. Randy Johnson

With live musical accompaniment by San Francisco’s cheesiest band:
FROMAGIQUE (Bombshell Betty, Patina DeCopper, A. Randy Johnson, B.J. Johnson (no relation), Ezra Lipp)

* * *

Tues. Mar. 1st, 2011
@ The Elbo Room
647 Valencia St (2 blocks from 16th St. BART)
Doors @ 9PM Show 9:30PM

21+ W/ ID

General Admission $10
Table for two: $35 ($30 at the door if they last)

For presale tickets, go here!


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Sci-Fi Burlesque!

Our Sci-Fi themed show at the Elbo Room on Tuesday, September 14, was out of this world! We packed almost 250 people into the upstairs to see the approx. 25 burlesque acts, featuring the debut performances of the most recent Burlesquercise Intensive I graduates! If you missed all the fun, we will be repeating the event with most of the original acts plus a few new ones this Monday, September 20, at the Uptown in Oakland! More info here:


Well bless my Star Wars! All that tassel twirling and shimmy-shimmy of burlesque, at times it seems you can’t turn around with a eyeful of curves hitting you at full speed in this town. Not that I’m complaining. But I must admit, I’ve always been concerned – when do the sci-fi aficionados get  their very own night of burlesque beauties? …Leave it to Bombshell Betty to heed my heart-felt cry for our darling and economically life-affirming nerds (you know we’re a cradle for Tech 2.0 or whatever, right?). Strutting the stage on a very special night at the Elbo Room (Tues/14) will be any number of ladies loving the heroes, the bad guys, the technology, the far-fetched cleavage of the sci-fi genre that you would think just begs for a little more spec-ta-ta-tacular exploitation…

Caitlin Donohue
SF Bay Guardian’s “SexSF” blog

Here are a few photo highlights! You can see many more fabulous photos by SF Station of the show at the Elbo Room here.

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Hello hello HELLO!

My, my! It has been way too long since I posted anything here. Isn’t it always the way of things that when you have SO MUCH going on, updates just don’t happen, while when not much is going on, it is easy to update? Seems like it should be the other way around and there should be  more updates when things are crazy, but so it goes. Too much has happened since last I posted to write about it all and get you up to speed, so I will just post some fun tidbits here instead!

First up, take a look at this great video to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to attend a Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshop:

The “Luxury Edition” Pinup Workshop Tour has been going really well. The photos from the shoots at the various hotels have been amazing! I will post some of my favorite photos here soon, just as soon as I get through picking a handful out of the thousands of photos we’ve shot in the last few months. We have workshops coming up in LA, NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco (of course), New Orleans, Houston and Seattle, plus more being added to the schedule all the time!

One of my Burlesquercise students, Amy Martin, is a brilliant cartoonist on top of all her other talents. Check out her blog and buy her books! They are genius! Amy’s business card calls her “obscenely feminist” and you’ll see why. Here is a cartoon she did after attending Burlesquercise classes.

NOTE: In burlesque, unlike bellydancing, there is absolutely no problem with your ass shaking when you shake your shoulders! In fact, the more wiggle and jiggle the better, so let it all shake! Yes, really!

We produced a benefit show in July for our local (SF Bay Area) unemployed, under-employed and struggling performers, the $timulus Package Benefit Show. We were sponsored by Whole Foods, Annie’s Social Club, Sweet Petite Baking, and of course Bombshell Betty Dance, and helped raise ~$1500 to help feed our local performers! The event was such a great success that we have decided to continue running these benefit shows every 3 months or so for as long as it is necessary!

In keeping with the $timulus Package theme of the evening, all of the acts involved money, work, the economy, and food. RJ Johnson captured some really great photos from the show, and I have decided to post a few of them here for your enjoyment. You can see more photos from the show and from other shows by RJ Johnson by visiting his Facebook page and LiveJournal galleries. NOTE: I have only posted PG photos here. Enjoy!

Here I am singing with Fromagique! Bandmembers from L to R: Randy Johnson on bari sax, Patina de Copper on trumpet, Ezekiel Pseudonimo on clarinet, and Rusty 2.0 on trombone and backup vocals.

Here I am singing with Fromagique! Bandmembers from L to R: Randy Johnson on bari sax, Patina de Copper on trumpet, Ezekiel Pseudonimo on clarinet, and Rusty 2.0 on trombone and backup vocals.


One dress down, one to go!

One dress down, one to go!


Sultra Violet and Vicious Veronica Voom in "Show Me the Money!" This was Sultra Violet's "solo" debut, with 4 backup dancers.

Sultra Violet and Vicious Veronica Voom in "Show Me the Money!" This was Sultra Violet's "solo" debut, with 4 backup dancers.


Miss Red Velvet looking amazing in green!

Miss Red Velvet looking amazing in green!


This was Kiki Yeah Yeah's solo debut! Woo!

This was Kiki Yeah Yeah's solo debut! Woo!


Miss If-N-Whendy performed a fan dance with fans she made out of trash... very thrifty!

Miss If-N-Whendy performed a fan dance with fans she made out of trash... very thrifty!


Agnes O

Agnes O'God read us a naughty bedtime story...

Randy and I did a skit to "Money Makes the World Go Around"

Randy and I did a skit to "Money Makes the World Go Around"


These girls choreographed this at to "Come on'a My House" in the Burlesquercise Intensive series. Front row, L to R: Kiki Yeah Yeah, Sultra Violet, Vicious Veronica Voom. Back row, L to R: Loreley, ..., and Fina Fatale.

These girls choreographed this routine themselves to "Come on'a My House" in the Burlesquercise Intensive series. They created the costuming themselves after taking the costuming class!


Foxy Chartreuse hamming it up in one of the skits!

Foxy Chartreuse hamming it up in one of the skits!


Holly Highbeams as Lady Liberty!

Holly Highbeams as Lady Liberty!

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2009 Pinup Workshop International Tour!

Hello from NYC, where we kicked off our 2009 Pinup Workshop International Tour with our first public Pinup Workshop of 2009 in Manhattan. It is freezing here compared to San Francisco, of course, but I just love NY so much it is really great to be here anyway. We’re heading out to see Kitty Nights, a local burlesque show, before heading back home tomorrow.

One of the ladies in the workshop yesterday was extremely pregnant, with only 4 weeks until her due date. She looked amazing and the photos turned out really well. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of them.Another lady at the workshop told me that she found out about me through her 13-year-old daughter who really wanted to take the workshop herself and didn’t think it was fair that she had to be 18 to attend. Apparently she has a picture of me in her locker (wow! how flattering), wears leopard print and adores Bettie Page. Her mother was a bit chagrined by her pinup obsession and aspirations. I should have told her that the most sure-fire way for her to discourage these vampy tendencies is to strongly encourage them, thereby causing her daughter to rebel by being straight-laced, a la Saffron on Absolutely Fabulous. Ha! I’m not sure if this would really work, but it would be a lot more fun for the daughter if it didn’t. And I know that discouraging these tendencies doesn’t work in the long-run. My mom discouraged me… and look at me now! Ha! 

Pinup Workshop
International Tour Schedule
January – June 2009

This year we are really ramping up the Pinup Workshop Tour with more workshops in more cities, and we’re even taking it international! Check out the tour dates (so far) for the first half of 2009:

Jan 24, 2009: New York, NY
Jan 31, 2009: San Francisco, CA
Feb 21, 2009: Los Angeles, CA *
Mar 7, 2009: Seattle, WA *
Mar 8, 2009: Portland, OR *
Apr 11, 2009: Chicago, IL *
Apr 19, 2009: Santa Rosa, CA
May 3, 2009: London, UK *
May 10, 2009: Leeds, UK *
May 30, 2009: Philadelphia, PA
May 31, 2009: Washington, DC *
June 6, 2009: New York, NY
June 7, 2009: Boston, MA *

* Denotes a “Luxury Edition Workshop,” an on-location shoot with multiple sets in a luxurious suite of an up-scale boutique hotel.

More dates will be added to the tour schedule as time goes on. Don’t see a workshop coming up in your area? Contact me to find out how you can host a workshop in your city! It’s easy, so come join the fun!





Click here to see more pics from past workshops and for photo credits!

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Sneak Peek: Collage Pieces for Pinup Art Show

I just received the official announcement for the “Pin It Up, Babycakes!” art show that I am participating in this February at 111 Minna. I have pasted the email below, since it is full of great information about the show. Sign up for the mailing list to receive information about pre-sales on the many fabulous works of art being shown in this event.

As promised, I am including photos in this post with some preview pictures of a couple of my pieces that will be included in this show, unveiled here for the first time ever outside of my studio! I’m only showing pictures of 2 of my pieces here, and I will have several more available for pre-sales and being shown in the event.

For more info,  about my artwork and this wonderful pin-up themed show, read my previous post.

“Shanghai Eve”

2009 by Bombshell Betty
Photograph, watercolor, fabrics and paper on wood.

Shanghai Eve – Full Image

“Nature Calls for the Glamourpuss”

2008 by Bombshell Betty
Photograph, glitter, sequins, potting soil, silk leaves, living pathos cutting, glass, plastic and watercolor on paper and wood.

Nature Calls for the Glamourpuss – Full Image

Nature Calls for the Glamourpuss – Detail

Nature Calls for the Glamourpuss – Photo detail

From: Alice Stribling
Subject: Pin it up, Babycakes: Fishnets, Tarts and the Art of the modern tease
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 13:10:31 -0500

Hello art lovers-

Pin it up, Babycakes is almost here!  I have been co-curating this project with artist Jessica Whiteside for over a year and I am excited to officially introduce it to you.

This exhibition features art inspired by pinups that span many genres: including hot rod, cheesecake, and faux advertisements. It also has modern burlesque influences, including a nod to the original ladies of burlesque in a film reel that will play on opening night.

Opening night will have something for everyone:

• Outstanding art and photography by some of the most talented artists working
  within this genre

• Red hot merchandise for you or your Valentine’s Day sweetie which will turn any lovely lady
  into an instant pinup star

• Burlesque performances complete with fashion show by our sponsor Dollhouse Bettie Lingerie
Thee Merry Widows will rock out with their boobage out at midnight

Mark your calendars for the party that you don’t want to miss:

Pin it up, Babycakes opening night
February 5th, 2009  /  6pm-late*
111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco
*Please note that we will start charging $5 at the door at 9pm for the performances

To find out more specifics about the show and opening night event, please visit the show website: 

How pinup has influenced me as an artist:

I grew up with a warped idea that curvy ladies were not sexy or desirable, because most of what I saw in fashion magazines did not represent my shape in many ways.  So in my mind, to be sexy, a woman had to be very thin. Discovering and studying the genre of vintage pinup has made me see that this belief is not necessarily true.  These pinup ladies of the 1940s-60s had hips! And a bustline! And they were deliciously sexy and appealing.

These images can be many things to many different people: demure or erotic, free or fun, empowering, cute, or perhaps raunchy and a turn-off. That’s ok and that’s why they are interesting to me. It is certainly not for everyone.

For collectors:

We will be sending out an email with presale information about two weeks before the show opens to give all of you, my lovely fans, a chance to have first pick of the art that I have produced for the show. We expect collectors to jump quickly, so please don’t delay in purchasing if you see something that you like.

Thank you-
Alice Stribling

Add event in Facebook:  http://tinyurl.com/9kcjyb
Add event in MySpace:   http://tinyurl.com/8onzm9
Add event to your Google Calendar:






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December Burlesqueteer Shows!

This month, you have two very different opportunities to see Bombshell Betty performing with the Burlesqueteers and her new band, Fromagique:

MONDAY, December 15, at the Uptown Club in Oakland and
WEDNESDAY, December 17, at Stagewerx Theater in San Francisco

Details below…

* * *


Uptown Hubba Hubba is back with BOMBSHELL BETTY’S BURLESQUETEERS returning to shimmy, shake & grind their way into your hearts and psyches.

This month will feature a full set by Bombshell Betty and Randy Johnson’s new band, Fromagique, with burlesque performances by Tinky Sparkles, Red Velvet and more! The band debuted at the November Burlesqueteer Night at the Uptown Hubba Hubba to a great response. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Booze, Beauties, Funny Fat Guys & Rockin’ Good Times for all! Now that’s a damn good Monday night!

21 & Up w/I.D.

As always, it’s just FIVE BUCKS all night!

Uptown Night Club
1928 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA
(1 block from 19th Street BART!)

* * *


Sit back and relax in comfortable theater seating while sipping your wine and enjoying the hilarious and delightful acts from your favorite burlesque troupe, the Burlesqueteers!

This month you’re in for a special treat: a FULL burlesque lineup followed by a set with Bombshell Betty’s band, Fromagique. That’s double the show for the price of just one!

Featuring burlesque performances by:

Bombshell Betty
Red Velvet
Holly Highbeems and Josie Starr
Tiger von Claus
Tinky Sparkles
Penny Paperback
Plus burlesque debuts by 3 brand new Burlesqueteers!

Hosted by Odessa Lil, your *thwack!* Mistress of Ceremonies

Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

$15 at the door
$12 in advance (Will Call only). Order your tickets today!
Presale tickets are available until noon on the day of the show.

Stagewerx Theater
533 Sutter St. @ Powell Street
San Francisco

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