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For burlesquers at any stage or their career or for crafty people who just want to be fabulous without breaking the bank, these articles will provide easy to follow instructions for everything from pastie making to feather fan making to costume design and more!

Make your own feather fans!

A few weeks ago, one of my students, Dangerous Delilah, wrote a great blog post detailing an easy and affordable way to make your own burlesque feather fans! I saw these fans in action on Saturday night as we performed together, and I thought I would share her fan making article here!

Happy crafting!



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Happy Leap Year!

I sent out my newsletter today with information about all of my upcoming classes and various other announcements. You can read it here if you’d like.

One of the newest Burlesqueteers posted photos taken by her husband at the last Burlesqueteer Night at the Hubba Hubba Review at the Uptown Tavern in Oakland. This was her first performance ever! Take a gander at the pictures here! Randy and I performed the Paradise City trenchcoat number together as a Valentine’s Day-ish treat! More photos from that act to follow…

Also, check out the brand new Burlesqueteers Blog here on WordPress. Not much on the blog yet, but there will be performer profiles, show photos and fun stories coming soon!

In an upcoming post, I will be starting in on a series of instructions for making burlesque fans! I will give instructions for making several different kinds of fans and will be providing great online resources so that you will be able to make them without breaking the bank! So stay tuned…

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Articles… coming soon!

One of my main goals for this expanded blog is to provide interesting and helpful articles. These articles will fall into 3 categories:

* Breaking into the Bump and Grind
* For the DIY Diva
* The Entrepreneurial Performer

For more information, go to the Articles page. I will begin posting articles very soon, so check back often for updates, and feel free to ask me questions about any of these subjects so I can be sure to write about what you want to know!

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