2009 Pinup Workshop International Tour!

Hello from NYC, where we kicked off our 2009 Pinup Workshop International Tour with our first public Pinup Workshop of 2009 in Manhattan. It is freezing here compared to San Francisco, of course, but I just love NY so much it is really great to be here anyway. We’re heading out to see Kitty Nights, a local burlesque show, before heading back home tomorrow.

One of the ladies in the workshop yesterday was extremely pregnant, with only 4 weeks until her due date. She looked amazing and the photos turned out really well. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of them.Another lady at the workshop told me that she found out about me through her 13-year-old daughter who really wanted to take the workshop herself and didn’t think it was fair that she had to be 18 to attend. Apparently she has a picture of me in her locker (wow! how flattering), wears leopard print and adores Bettie Page. Her mother was a bit chagrined by her pinup obsession and aspirations. I should have told her that the most sure-fire way for her to discourage these vampy tendencies is to strongly encourage them, thereby causing her daughter to rebel by being straight-laced, a la Saffron on Absolutely Fabulous. Ha! I’m not sure if this would really work, but it would be a lot more fun for the daughter if it didn’t. And I know that discouraging these tendencies doesn’t work in the long-run. My mom discouraged me… and look at me now! Ha! 

Pinup Workshop
International Tour Schedule
January – June 2009

This year we are really ramping up the Pinup Workshop Tour with more workshops in more cities, and we’re even taking it international! Check out the tour dates (so far) for the first half of 2009:

Jan 24, 2009: New York, NY
Jan 31, 2009: San Francisco, CA
Feb 21, 2009: Los Angeles, CA *
Mar 7, 2009: Seattle, WA *
Mar 8, 2009: Portland, OR *
Apr 11, 2009: Chicago, IL *
Apr 19, 2009: Santa Rosa, CA
May 3, 2009: London, UK *
May 10, 2009: Leeds, UK *
May 30, 2009: Philadelphia, PA
May 31, 2009: Washington, DC *
June 6, 2009: New York, NY
June 7, 2009: Boston, MA *

* Denotes a “Luxury Edition Workshop,” an on-location shoot with multiple sets in a luxurious suite of an up-scale boutique hotel.

More dates will be added to the tour schedule as time goes on. Don’t see a workshop coming up in your area? Contact me to find out how you can host a workshop in your city! It’s easy, so come join the fun!





Click here to see more pics from past workshops and for photo credits!


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