“Pin It Up, Babycakes!” Art Show

In February, 2009, I will be participating in a group pinup-themed art show, “Pin It Up, Babycakes!” at 111 Minna. The show is being curated by two of my burlesque students: Alice Stribling (aka Sweet M’alice) and Jessica Whiteside (aka Tinky Sparkles). The opening gala on Feb 5, 2009, will include burlesque performances by the two curators, the Burlesqueteers, and myself, and will be MC’d by Kitten on the Keys.

The other artists included in the show are:

Jessica Whiteside
Alice Stribling
UK artist Emma Mount
Molly Crabapple
Shaunna Peterson
David Perry
Darling Propaganda
Kirsten Easthope

At this show, I am officially unveiling my collage/assemblage artwork, which combines my pinup and nature photography with watercolor drawings, fabric and found objects to create fantasy portraiture. Here is my artist bio from the website:

I started pinup modeling in 2000, shortly after jumping into the world of burlesque performance. I needed sexy promo shots, and since burlesque and pinup are two sides of the same coin, it was a perfect excuse to channel my inner Bettie Page. In 2003, I stepped behind the camera, using what I learned from working in front of the camera to help me direct my models to get the most flattering shots possible. I have pursued pinup from both sides of the camera ever since, including shooting for SuicideGirls.com and other websites, the Bombshell Betty Pinup Workshops and private clients.

As a photographer (and posing director with other photographers), I get great joy from helping women who do not look like conventional models get photos that make them look more beautiful than they thought possible. I believe that we all have a perfect pinup somewhere inside us, regardless of age or body type, and through the proper styling, posing, lighting and camera angles, that pinup queen can be brought out for the world to view. From the responses I have received from participants in my Pinup Workshops, I know that having beautiful glamour pictures taken for the first time can be a transformative and empowering experience for many women, having a tremendous positive impact on one’s self image.

My collage and assemblage pieces are a very new medium for me, and I am very excited to present them for the first time at the ’Pin It Up, Babycakes!’ show. This form allows me to tell a story visually in a similar way as when I perform a burlesque piece, the main difference being that I must tell a whole story through elements that are visible all at once rather than in a linear sequence of events as with burlesque. I am thoroughly appreciating the challenges and possibilities of this medium, and I hope viewers enjoy the pieces as much as I enjoy making them.

Artwork from this show will be available for presales starting in early January 2009. I will post samples and where to go for presales around that time.


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