Travel and Super Heroes (or Villains)

I’m hanging out in my hotel room in Boston right now. I am here for a Pinup Workshop tomorrow in Boston and another one on Sunday in New Haven, CT. One of the Boston Babydolls will be attending the workshop tomorrow and portions will be filmed for the Babydolls’ upcoming reality TV show! How exciting!

My hotel is in the South Side area of Boston. My cabbie from the airport explained to me that this is the gay neighborhood. Lots of yuppies now, he said, but it’s still very gay. I told him that I’m from San Francisco and that I’d be very comfortable here. From what he was saying, I expected that I’d landed in Boston’s version of the Castro, but not so. I went wandering the neighborhood today, and it’s a very nice neighborhood. Lots of brownstones, cute restaurants, parks… very residential really. Other than the gay bar next door to the hotel, I didn’t see anything that put me in mind of the Castro. Oh well. He also told me it was a dangerous neighborhood, but I think he’s wrong on that score as well.

Next week I’ll be in San Diego for yet another workshop and to perform in the second Fishnet Follies produced by my friends Mynx d’Meanor and the Reverend Dick! I will be performing a number that I have been wanting to do for oh… about 3 years! Finally! I have some special shoe shopping to do when I get back to San Francisco!

Two great shows! One night!



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2 responses to “Travel and Super Heroes (or Villains)

  1. Woo! We absolutely loved having you again in SD! The crowd loved the show.

    And we got a nice little video from the show on Take a look:

    (Who’s that sexy masked woman riding onstage?)

  2. Hi babe!

    Saw your post today. Sorry to not get to say “Hi!” when you were in Boston – we met a couple years back at MEW. From what I hear, Ruby and a friend of mine not in the troupe had a great time at your class! They are still talking about it. 🙂

    I *love* the South End, but then I partway grew up in P-town, Cape Cod deluxe resort for gays! I agree with you – the South End is by no means crime ridden. In fact, the real estate there is out of sight! Like a lot of the gay & lesbian regions in the vicinity, the area is pretty toned down – it’s not readily evident how much gay influence is in the area at first glance. But to hear folks talk about the area, you’d think men in Dorthy costumes would be leaping out of every alley.

    It’s by far the best place in town to snag a great brunch and a mimosa! 🙂

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