I *heart* NY!

I have been traveling so much during weeekends lately that after this series I will no longer be teaching classes on Monday nights so I can travel that day instead.  After my last trip to NY in June, I flew home that Monday and taught a class a few hours later. I was so exhausted! I was dreading the start of class, wondering how I was going to pull it off when I was so beat. Then I heard a little voice from inside say, “Just have fun with it.” That helped so much. I have been repeating that to myself again and again ever since. It really makes a good mantra for me! Joy is contageous, so the best thing I can do in any situation, especially in class, is to have fun. And when it comes down to it, why do people choose to take a burlesque class rather than yoga or something more traditional if not to have more fun? So I bought a couple of energy drinks, downed them during the class, acted like my normal goofball self and no one seemed to notice that I was not feeling at all Bombshell-ish.

The trip to NY was wonderful. We did a private Pinup Shoot for a staffer at Venus Zine, my favorite alternative women’s magazine (you can usually find it in the music section on the news stands). Joelle Caputa is writing an article about her transformation for the Fall issue, which will be available September 1. I can’t wait to see it!

We also ran a larger group Pinup Workshop and Photoshoot while we were in town. People from both shoots were enthusiastic about attending another workshop soon. That’s the best feedback I could hope for!

I went to Coney Island for the first time to attend the Mermaid Parade. It was amazing! The costumes were truly inspiring. There were a lot of burlesquers in attendance as well. I recognized Darlinda Just Darlinda, Little Brooklyn, and Pookie Patootie. Unfortunately, I didn’t run into Molly Crabapple, but I saw pictures of her at the parade online afterwards. Randy and I went with Legs Malone, who was able to get us into the parade to help carry the Mermaid Ball banner, so we were able to participate rather than just watch from the crowded sidelines. To get an idea of how wonderful the costumes were, check out some of the photos from the parade! This guy got some great ones, and there are so many more!

Pinchbottom BurlesqueLegs also performed at Pinchbottom Burlesque’s Indiana Jones spoof show that weekend, so we went after the parade. The show was wonderfully silly and well produced. I loved it! It was also very inspiring the way they wrote it up as a play and the burlesque acts helped advance the plot. Brilliant! I see why they get such good press. Lots of shows in San Francisco get produced with a very consistent theme, but I haven’t seen anything written into a storyline that coherently. The closest we’ve come to that in San Francisco has been the Cock-T’s show where they have a cheer competition with the Diamond Daggers. If you haven’t seen a Cock-T’s show, you should check them out!


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