Home again, home again…

Just flew back from NYC today after a (mostly) wonderful weekend!  We ran our first out-of-town Pinup Workshop, and it went really well!  We had so much fun, we are going to offer another one in NYC in June, hopefully coinciding with the Coney Island Mermaid Parade so that we can go to that as well.  I have decided to buy a pocket-sized camera to take on the road with me, since all I have right now is my big Canon that I use for the pinup shoots.  I wish I had photos from the trip to post here! And I say it was a (mostly) wonderful weekend because we were out of it with food poisoning for a day. Luckily I recovered in time to perform on Friday and teach on Saturday!

I performed in my first “real” NYC burlesque show at the Slipper Room on Friday night.  It was a blast, and the people were wonderful – the audience, the management and the other performers were all super sweet.  I say this is my first “real” show in NY because on my first trip for New Year’s Eve last year I performed at a party, but since almost all of the other performers were from San Francisco, I don’t think that counts as a NY show.  It was also kind of strange, because I didn’t know any of the other performers, even though they were from my town.  The scene here really is getting bigger and bigger.

The show was much edgier than most San Francisco shows.  There was a lot more nudity, and it was a lot more modern.  I didn’t see any acts that I would say were in the “classic burlesque” style like you see a lot of here and at the big burlesque shows (Tease-o-rama, Exotic World, etc.).  I loved it.  I felt right at home performing my cornball “Pastie Tricks” routine, which is my new favorite act.  Julie Atlas Muz was MCing the first part of the show, and when I got off stage she said something about my act proving that San Francisco burlesque could be funny.  I don’t remember exactly what she said, but I take it as a compliment.

Anyway, I spent the morning and afternoon on a plane and then taught a Burlesquercise class this evening, so I’m gonna get off of this computer now and get some rest.


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