Getting paid to perform: Overview

Most people start performing for the sheer fun of it. It’s a very rewarding and fun hobby, and it can do wonders for your self esteem as well as your social life. But after a while, most performers want to start making money for their work. Performing in small shows for the heck of it is all very well, but if you only get paid enough to cover a drink or two at the bar and a taxi ride, how can you afford to buy enough Swarovskis to adorn your next fabulous costume? 

Bar shows are great for exposure, but they’re not usually a great way to make money. So how does one go from performing for peanuts to getting the juicy, higher paying gigs? And where do you find these opportunities?

There are many kinds of events that pay much better than your average bar show: private parties, big club events and corporate events. But how does one get booked for these events? In a nutshell, you have to build up your name – so don’t write off that weekday show at your neighborhood dive bar just yet! Performing in these smaller shows is a good way to get the valuable exposure that is needed in order to land these money-making gigs.

In addition to continuously getting your name out there by performing, you will want to focus on developing these areas:  

* Online Visability
* Publicity
* Selling Your Skills
* Negotiating

In upcoming posts, I will break down what you will need to do to develop each of these areas. Then you will be ready  to start going after higher-paying gigs, and you may even find that offers start to drop out of the sky for great opportunities you would never have expected. Your friends will start to tell you how lucky you are, but you will know that you created your own luck through work and preparation.


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