Much ado

Well, I guess it’s time for my monthly update. Haha! Wow, I used to blog for real, and I miss it. Things have just been so hecic lately, I feel like I hardly have time to do everything that needs doing, let alone write about it. Last month was crazy, and this one is going to be even crazier (how often do I say that?). What’s going on, you say? Well, I’ve got 5 performances booked already for the play I’m writing with Isis Starr – yes, writing. As in, we’re still polishing it up, but we’ve got it almost all together. I’m excited!


I’m producing a very glam show at the end of the month. In addition to being my singing debut (eeee!), there’s going to be a big performance by the “Debut-Taunts.” About a dozen of the girls will be performing the “Take Back Your Mink” number from “Guys and Dolls” for the first time, and we’re very excited. So in addition to classes, we’ve been having at least one extra rehearsal every week, sometimes more. We’ve been shopping for the costuming, and this weekend we’re going to get started sewing them – tomorrow in fact. More info about the show here:
“Haute House Burlesque Revue”

What else? I’ve got a BIG project up my sleeve that I can’t stop thinking about, I’m so excited, but it’s top secret for now. I’ll tell you later. When? In October. Don’t be pushy. Lots of other things on the go, too. I’ve joined forces with some of the girls who I have been collaborating with all the time anyway, and we’ve officially formed a collective, so there’s lots of work to do to get that off the ground too. We just did another great shoot with Jim Ferrierra of Film Noir Photography. Check us out here: “Bottoms Up! Burlesque”

With all this craziness going on, I haven’t had one day until today without a rehearsal or two, an appointment, or a class, and it was taking its toll. Boy have I been tired! But I totally took it easy today. I spent most of the afternoon working on my computer, catching up, and then I spent the evening watching cheesy TV and classic movies. I just finished watching “Some Like It Hot.” I love that movie! I’m stealing a line from it for my play. I hope people catch it. It was SO nice to take an evening off. I feel absolutely refreshed! I think I’m going to watch another movie now and eat some icecream. Have you tried the Ben and Jerry’s “Oatmeal Cookie” flavor? I’m usually all about the chocolate, but this is great!


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