What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

I just got back from a crazy 5 day adventure in Vegas with Sweet Cheeks and her Mike Guy, Lily le Rouge and her lovely lady Leeza, Isis Starr and Rose Pistola. It was Exotic World Pageant weekend, and Vegas has never been so fabulously fashionable! Burlesque people sure are well dressed!

The shows on Friday and Saturday were awesome, but I wasn’t able to go to the show on Sunday night. I went out on the town with Leeza instead and had a blast harrassing a lounge singer. He had never had anyone request “I Will Survive” or “I Wanna Be Loved By You.” I even offered to let him borrow my boa for the Marilyn number, but no go. Vegas is not San Francisco. He was very inspired though, and promised to sing “I will survive” for me the next time I’m in town. Didn’t I mention that I’m a muse?

I taught a Burlesquercise! class at the Teasorama daytime convention, did a fun photo shoot with the girls (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas) and we all ended up doing impromptu numbers at Satan’s Angel’s night on Monday after we went to the Folies Bergere. Oh so fun! I want to go back very soon! Lily is burning me a photo CD, so I will share some soon.


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