Bombshell is a city girl!

So I’m a city girl now – gawd, I love San Francisco! Half of my belongings are still in boxes, but the rest are put away and organized. Oh so organized! I took the opportunity of moving to go through all of my random notes and papers and separate them. I even wrote down all the phone numbers on random scraps of paper and put them into my file box.

I am really excited about decorating my room. I’ve made diagrams, and it is going to be fantastic! … Some day… First major project is to have a loft bed built! There’s no way I can fit all of my stuff and a sewing area in my little room without building a loft. I’m also going to have a little garden on the ledge outside of my bay window. Yeah, someday…

Oh, so much going on! I’ve been doing so many shows and classes and workshops! All of that on top of moving and Teaseorama (in the same weekend!!!) has left me one tired bombshell. Okay, I’m off to bed.


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