Shoe fetish…

I’m really not the sophisticated creature I like to pretend to be. Underneath the sparkles and straps and red lipstick, I’m really just a simple little girl who wants the same things all the other little girls want. I tried on those shoes you gave me. The slick fancy ones that were so beautiful and shocking. I wore them even though I knew they didn’t fit. I ignored them when they pinched, put on stockings when they chafed. When they gave me blisters, I just covered my red, raw flesh with bandaides and kept on strutting. But now I am hurting right down to the bone, and I can’t keep it up. The funny thing is, now that I’ve walked so far in your shoes I find that none of my old shoes fit any more.



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3 responses to “Shoe fetish…

  1. frustratedmynx

    that was extremely touching. and i can certainly relate.

  2. Honey

    I hear that my doll.

    Here’s to finding a new pair of shoes – that fit just right.

  3. Anonymous

    That is my life. Try moleskin, sometimes it helps.

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