Dancing fools…

Thursday night’s Little Minsky’s in the city was a blast. The Debut-Taunts were adorable! Everyone was doing French themed numbers for Bastille Day, and it was too cute. Two girls did reverse-striptease numbers, but with totally different styles. After the show, my friend Michel and I started dancing up a storm. I don’t know exactly what we were dancing – some crazy cross between jitterbug, salsa and tango! Wow that was fun! Some girl told us we were the best dancers she’d seen in a long time. She thanked us for dancing. We just laughed, because we were just fooling around like jackasses, but it must have been fun to watch, since it was so much fun for us.

Michel generously offered to give me a ride back over the bridge, but neither of us are city people and it took us a while to get our bearings. Meanwhile, we came across the large deserted parking lot at the Randall Museum. Michel suggested we dance, so we pulled in, turned up the tango music, and stepped out onto the asphalt for my first tango lesson! It took me a little while, but I’ve got the basic step now. We danced and danced until the cops came by and escorted us off the property.

But that wasn’t the end to the dancing tomfoolery! When we finally figured out how to get onto the highway, we got stuck in a detour for over an hour. Luckily we’re both pretty mellow and easily entertained by the aggitated drivers around us – people honking and yelling, a cab driver crossing lanes by driving perpendicular to traffic. Humanity is very entertaining. After being stuck at one intersection for several light changes, we turned up the music and tangoed in the street to a chorus of horn honking. It’s funny that once we got onto the bridge, there was almost no traffic. Ah, San Francisco!

Thank you, Michel, for the dancing and laughter…


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  1. frustratedmynx

    nice. i’m still so bummed that i missed out on that night. *sigh*

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