Sweet like candy

A life well lived is a life indulged in like succulent candy, savored like fine wine, and relished as it goes rushing past like the dizzying view from a rollercoaster. Take a big bite. And another. And don’t stop eating until you pop.

Yes, it’s been an interesting few months. I started on a new developmental path, only to realize that I’ve been well and firmly on the path for almost 10 years! Which just means I’ve got a little bit of a headstart on myself, but there’s still a lot of room to grow. Room to transform – because that’s what it’s all about, when it comes down to it. I’m meeting new friends all the time, enjoying the swirling and changing scenery. Loads of new projects in the works, even though I haven’t been looking for more projects. I’ve got so much to do already! It’s almost as if it’s not up to me, the projects kind of walk up and hold my hand, and there’s nothing to do but go with it. Those always end up being the best projects anyway.


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