Why doncha come up and see me tonight in San Francisco?

Tongue Traffic Presents:
Angie Krass – Sex, Biscuits, Jesus, and Me

Real Life Stand Up Comedy by
Someone Who Lived It
(screwed it – praised it – believed it- snorted, etc.)

Angie Krass slams on stage with her high-voltage, rambunctious, southern-styled comedy. NO MYTH, NO APOLOGIES! If you like your comedy full of politiical bite and real life, than candy-flip your butt down to the Darkroom Theater and strap in! Everybody within a body is sure to have fun.

Angie says, “Jes us knows… it’s GREAT to be GAY!!!”

The show opens with the Burlesque Sensation BOMBSHELL BETTY and closes with BETTY and SWEETCHEEKS’ famous chair race!

June 22, 8pm

The Darkroom Theater
2263 Mission St. between 18th and 19th

This is an all-ages event, but partental discretion is advised!



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